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Finance A Christian Perspective

mardi 29 juin 2021

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Translation in English of my book ’Finance un regard chrétien’

From the publisher

"About the Book

This book, perhaps startlingly, is about finance from a Christian point of view, taking its start from the Gospels and moving forward to modern Catholic Social Teaching and today’s opaque money markets, pausing along the way to delve into the origins of finance in the Christian Middle Ages. Not only those with a Christian orientation, but anyone looking for a coherent, moral view of finance will profit from its keen insights.

Markets represent free, responsible interaction among human beings, and for this reason their functioning cannot escape close scrutiny in view of moral duty and the common good—precisely the sort of scrutiny this work offers in abundance. As former CEO of financial institutions, Chairman of the French Association of Catholic Economists, member of the French Catholic Academy, seasoned financial practitioner, and scholar of Catholic social teaching, Pierre de Lauzun is uniquely suited to this task.

The French edition of this book was awarded the 2015 International Prize of the Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice Foundation by the Vatican. "

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